Zinc 30mg - 100 tabs

by GymBeam

Zinc 30mg is an ideal supplement for both men and women, which primarily contributes to normal hormonal levels and reduces the frequency of illness. It also supports DNA synthesis, optimizes metabolism of carbohydrates, improves cognitive activity and optimizes fertility and sexual performance by maintaining testosterone levels. Zinc is known for supporting hair, nails and skin growth. Additionally, it is a powerful antioxidant which protects cells from oxidative stress. Athletes use it for multiple benefits:

"Foam roller for super regeneration - breaking up the muscle knots will fasten up your regeneration process more than any fancy requisite or tens stimulator.."

  • Increases immunity and fights the common cold
  • As an antioxidant may help to reduce cancer risk
  • Optimizes hormonal levels and fertility
  • May prevent diabetes and support healthy heart and blood vessels
  • Supports healthy blood vessels structure
  • Supports healthy liver
  • Promotes muscle gains and improves regeneration
Suggested Usage

Use foam roller after your workout and/or later in the day. 

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