Organicore Testo - 100 caps

by Organicore

Organicore Testo is a natural hormonal enhancement and optimization supplement based on clinical studies made for all serious athletes and those who wants to enhance and optimize male hormone levels, especially testosterone, for greater body and muscle recovery, enhanced muscle strength, faster muscle growth, increased energy and vitality. It contains clinically proven herbal extracts in a 100% organic form that enhances serum testosterone and free testosterone levels, prevents excessive levels of estrogen, SHBG, DHT and the stress hormone cortisol and hormones that have a negative impact on your body and sports performance.

"100% organic testosterone booster that elevates free testosterone levels and prevents excessive levels of estrogen via adaptation to environmental and psychological stress."

  • 150 vegetarian capsules / 75 servings 
  • Enhances serum and free testosterone
  • Prevents excessive levels of estrogen, DHT, SHBG, and cortisol
  • Enhances power, strength, recovery, and energy
  • Enhances libido and sexual performance
  • 100% organic ingredients
Suggested Usage

 Take 4 capsules 45-60minutes before exercise.



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