Lose fat, keep the muscles

by 4Endurance
Save 31%

Buy three best products for losing weight while preserving lean muscle mass at an additional discounted price: Milky Shake Whey 700g + BCAA Instant 4:1:1 500g + Fusion.


Suggested usage

Take 3-6 capsuls of Fusion 30min prior to traning with plenty of water. Take 3 capsuls the first day to assess your tolerance to caffeine (60mg).

Disolve 1-2 scoops of BCAA in 500-800ml of water and drink it during the training.

Put 1 scoop of Milky Shake Whey into shaker, mix with water and ingest immediately after training. You can use Milky Shake Whey also as a meal replacement when lacking nutrients. 



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