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HMB is a nutritional supplement, a metabolite of one of the most important amino acids - leucine, which aids growth and maintenance of muscle mass. HMB has anabolic and anti-catabolic effect, protects muscle mass, promotes muscle growth and strength, as well as regeneration, increases endurance and promotes fat burning. It is suitable for every type of sport.


HMB - the modified metabolite of leucine - was originally developed to fight atrophy in zero gravity environment. This "next big thing" in sports nutrition is the most potent anabolic single ingredient you can wish for after vigorous workouts or when lacking nutrients. 

Mucles are often damaged after a hard workout, causing muscle fibers to breakdown. HMB, a leucine metabolite helps to prevent protein breakdown and catabolism. HMB or β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate is a metabolite of the branched amino acid leucine. This amino acid is considered the strongest anticatabolic amino acid in sport nutrition that reduces the formation of catabolic hormone cortisol. Increased intake of protein and amino acids after training will help to replace lost protein and start building new ones. However, HMB indicates the muscle cells to maintain the present muscles, and thereby also supports muscle growth, faster muscle development and regeneration. HMB results in building muscle mass, muscle strength and endurance:

a) relieves muscle cell damage, has anti-catabolic effects
b) reduces the time of recovery and speeds up regeneration
c) supports muscle mass growth and strength, has anabolic effects
d) supports the adaptation of human organism to increased physical activity
e) improves endurance in endurance training
f) supports body fat reduction
g) prevents the loss of muscle mass and protects the muscles
h) lowers the blood pressure
i) helps to maintain positive nitrogen balance
j) stimulates the immunity of the body in the states of effort or stress

The main function and feature of leucine is to increase anabolism. HMB is a nutritional supplement that helps with the adaptation of human organism to increased physical activity. This is why it's an ideal supplement for any athlete, and athletes with high-intensive trainings, which can cause regular muscle pain. It is one of relatively often researched nutritional supplements and just like creatine is proven to improve athletic performance.

Suggested usage

We recommend to consume 3g (4 capsules) a day, either all at once (immediately after training), or two divided doses troughout the day, idealy 30 - 60 minutes before activity and second dose immediately after exercise. Daily dose for bodybuilders weighing more than 100kg, is between 5-6g.

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