Box of Brownies - 10 x 90g

by Mobberley Cakes

Mobberley cakes’ Brownies are now available in box of 10. They are made out of rich cacao powder and prepared at a traditional granny recipe. Despite having only the half of sugar of the regular supermarket type, this ultrasoft and guilt-free brownie melts in your mouth like no other. They are easy on the stomach so we can enjoy them also during a demanding training or a full-day race. While some people use Mobberley brownies to increase their daily calorie intake, the others enjoy them as healthy sweets during the long workday or a study session.ession.

"Rich cocoa brownies with chocolate flavoured chips, made from a traditional granny recipe. Now available in a discounted case of 10


  • Box of 10 brownies at an additionally discounted price
  • The long-lasting and energy source for endurance activities
  • Guilt-free candy
  • First-grade cocoa powder and chocolate chips for premium taste
  • Rich in unsaturated fatty acids 
  • Easily digested and easy on the stomach
  • Traditional baking recipe
Suggested Usage

Enjoy brownie as a meal replacement during the day or long-lasting energizer before/during a workout.

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