Recovery is most often associated with the process taking place after an intensive sports activity. It is about the process that our body carries out after each training to replace damaged or muscle fibers with new ones.. In addition to the very training that we perform, regeneration is the second most important thing - the thing we often forget about. The entire training process of each athlete is not only composed of training, but  also describes his behavior throughout the day.

Regeneration is important especially in terms of preparing for the next training. We most know that the process of regeneration is made out of a lot of factors. From what is our sleep to the diet we follow / foodthat we put into ourselves after the finished training. The more we rest, the better and the better the training we can do the next day. You can imagine how much effort and effort are brought by top athletes just for that. Cyclists have three days of competitions in 21 days, only two days of rest. That is why it is important to take care of their regeneration every day. In the last week, this is decisive.


Sport Nutrition as part of the training process

Even though sport nutrition is on the market for a long time, their benefits for athletes are often overlooked.

We need to understand, that while doing endurance sports like cycling, running, swimming, triathlon,.... the body uses up a lot of its stored vitamins, minerals, fats, aminoacids, carbs,.... Thats why we need to give back the body what it has lost during activity with help of recovery supplements. In this group of supplements there are all the nutrients that help your body to function normally even after tough workouts. Come back Stronger.


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